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Paulina live @ Sunset-Session in Berlin-Rummelsburg

14th July 2017

After a creative break I have a cosy live gig at the Rummelsburg‘ Bay in Berlin. You can have a chilled evening with three songwriters playing their songs.

Mike Nun, Dennis B. Markheim an me will play until dawn. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, come around and have a chilled drink. We are excited to see you.

Paulina live @ ‚Alte Feuerwache‘ in Berlin-Friedrichshain

7th October 2016

Just beneath the rooftop of an old firehouse you can discover the atmosphere of a theater. How exciting! You wouldn’t expect such a cosy place right here.

This ambiente is perfectly right for a night full of impressive singer-songwriter music. Have you ever heard of STEPh, elternhaus ost and Kaetsch? If not just mark the 7th of october in your calender and come around. I will also be on stage and play an acoustic set. So let’s make it a special night to keep in your treasure of memories.

Paulina enjoys the Eastern Sea.

September 2016

The Eastern Sea unfolds its magic during these September days. The late summer is in top form. Even under your skin you can feel the warming sunlight. The wind carries the swoosh of rolling waves and the chat of sea gulls right into your ear. Paulina enjoys a relaxing time offsite from noisy city rustling.

Paulina live on Air @

7th August 2016

Do you know the broadcast-format ‚Wahllokal‘?

It’s already the 64th time you can hear the show on air. You might discover musicians you are keen on getting to hear on the bigger radio stations as well. On the 7th auf august (4-7p.m.) Andreas and I will chat about my debut-ep ‘Set yourself free’. For sure there will be some unique acoustic goodies for you to listen to.

There is an online voting for a bunch of new songs and you can select your top 3 favorites. Just click the following link voting @ ‚Wahllokal‘. My song ‘Set yourself free’ takes part in this voting and I am excited to know how you like it.

Summer time in Berlin with a pleasant Singer-Songwriter-Soundtrack

16th July 2016

Music is simply fascinating. It touches your heart and soul … and is most enjoyable while hearing it live in sessions or concerts. So maybe it’s a good idea to come and visit Paulina and her band playing live nearby the ‘Weißenseer See’, a lake from which a nice and green district of Berlin got its name from.

Just take your swimming dress, jump into the refreshing water and then stroll along the singer-songwriter-stage on the 16th of July at around 6pm. While sipping at your drink you can lean back and enjoy the show.

PAULINA celebrates Midsummer’s eve

June 2016

Soon we celebrate midsummer’s eve. Just perfect to have a barbecue, to hang out and chill together. The ORWO-Haus invites you to a relaxing Sunday. Come over on the 19th of June and let’s have fun! Enjoy the soundtrack and a soft summer breeze.

Skinny Eric & the BELLY Bottom Blues Band with his sonorous grater voice will make you drift away. I am excited to dive into my music and sail with you and my musicians through my songs. So lean back and send your mind on a journey.

PAULINA enchants the Eastern Sea

2nd of April 2016

On the first of april PAULINA and two passionate musicians head to Warnemünde. The Eastern Sea with its special flair provides a great setting for playing right under the sky. So you could get a first taste of their music near the lighthouse and the so-called ‘Alten Strom’.

At night you could go and listen to the full show at Ringelnatz. In a cozy atmosphere with candlelight and a brilliant sound Paulina told her stories – sometimes calm and sometimes with a dynamic attitude – sometimes imbedded in songs and sometimes plain and straight forward.

Spring and a pleasant unplugged concert in Warnemünde are coming soon!

March 2016

Easter holidays brought sunshine and the happy feeling of springtime and awakening. Perfect conditions for going to Warnemünde.

I look forward to a joyful weekend and the smell of the Eastern sea. On the 2nd of april you can join my unplugged concert at Ringelnatz. A lounge-like atmosphere and three passionate musicians are waiting for you. Want a spontaneous timeout? Then just move your body northway.

PAULINA broadens her view

February 2016

My lyrics are German-based for German is my mother tongue. It is all about the color and sound of words, it’s all about a deeper resonance.

Along my way I often meet people who were born on other continents, raised in other countries and connected to other languages. Therefore I translated my website into English. Come closer and get inspired!

PAULINA live @

26th of january 2016 invited PAULINA to play live in the broadcast show called „Live from Speiche’s Rock & Blues-Pub“. Klaus will host a chat with PAULINA about her debut-EP which you are welcome to join via

PAULINA publishes her Debut-EP „Set yourself free“

11th of december 2015

Shortly before Christmas the curtain rises and the debut-ep „Set yourself free“ goes public. With this album PAULINA spreads her wings. The title describes a personal change, for there was a desire for ‚more‘. Hardly to put into words, but almost omnipresent.

That amazing creation had powerful support from several musicians and sound engineers. Special thanks goes to Alex who put all of his creative energy into producing and creating a distinctive sound. While mixing and mastering Marco took care about all the details.

Beginning on 11th of december you can beam PAULINA’s EP „Set yourself free“ into your living room by using Amazon and this link.

Like a cracking egg PAULINA’s new website emerges into light

November 2015

Soon you will hear the sizzling noises and rustling behind closed doors. The tension rises and is hardly to bear.

For my overwhelming pleasure my new website comes to life. Out of the cracking egg peels a shining phoenix. The ideas have been captured with the help of Sebastian, who is a great web developer living in Madrid.